Your Dreadlock Professional

Dreadlocks have history. Dreadlocks have beliefs attached to them. Dreadlocks can be a very spiritual journey for some. Whatever reasons you have your dreadlocks, we are hear to help you and keep them looking great.

Dreadlocks are created using many different techniques by people all over the world. Over time these techniques have changed and adapted. The people who make dreadlocks by hand, using a tool are called locticians.

The hair is either twisted and pulled by hand or back combed and a fine hook is inserted into the dread, making the centre solid and drawing the outer hairs in to form the dreadlock. This is a natural technique, no chemicals are used and the tool does not damage the hair or the dreadlock when used correctly. This is skilled work. Professional education is advised to acquire the skills to maintain your own or other peoples dreadlocks.